Monday, September 1, 2014

Aussie Curves - Your Wardrobe

I've recently moved house and discovered my wardrobe to be lacking in floorspace to store my shoes. By the standards of most fashionistas, I don't have that many shoes (32 pairs), but I had to get creative and figure out a practical and decorative way of storing my shoes... space for my jewellery and makeup was also on the cards. I came up with a solution that I'm quite proud of! I thought it would be a slightly different take on the 'Your Wardrobe' challenge.

What do you do,
When you find your shoes,
Will not fit into the space,
Your wardrobe allocates?

Shoe rails no.
How to fix these woes?!
Clear shoe boxes maybe?
But now I cannot see!!!

The answer my friends,
Puts troubles at and end,
The solution is up,
It’ll even fit my makeup.

A bookshelf of white,
Two metres in height,
With extra shelves to store,
Shoes, makeup, jewellery and more.

Some picture frames,
I must proclaim,
Do set the mood
All but subdued.

And then those draws,
Which I first saw,
On Danimezza’s suggest,
They are just the best!

The one sad little bit,
That I must now admit,
I still have more shoes…
Oh what shall I do???

Bookshelf: Fantastic Furniture $79
Clear drawers: Officeworks $16.96
Make up brush canister: Typo
Clear earring cubes: Pink Lily from $49


Saturday, August 30, 2014

When a light goes out

I’m one of those people who appears to be strong in the face of grievance. The experiences I’ve had with death are relatively limited, but I’ve always found myself to just get on with what needs to be done… I’ll break down into tears in my own time.

My Nonno passed away last night. He was the best grandfather figure I’ve ever known. We weren’t biologically related… he was my stepmother’s father, but he was an amazing man who showed so much love and kindness.

I will always remember his beaming smile whenever he greeted me. He would say ‘hello beautiful’ in sing-song tones though his thick Italian accent. My day would immediately brighten.

I will always remember him dressed as a medieval king at my 21st birthday party. He was one of the oldest men in the room, but that didn’t stop him from dressing up and being goofy.

I will always remember the way that he truly treasured his family. He wanted to live surrounded by his loved ones, and we in turn, loved to be around him. His joy for life was infectious, and could turn your day around in an instant.

The world will miss him… even if they don’t know it yet.

Goodbye Nonno. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Aussie Curves - Job Interview

Job interviews can be a bitch. They've become a game of 'what seemingly unrelated hypothetical can I throw at you to psycho-analyse your personality?' It's exhausting. Been there. Done that. Never doing it again. Now the only 'interviews' I go to are networking meetings. Today was the August meeting for the Hills chapter of The Designer Chicks, so I thought I'd capture my outfit and share it with you.

The second I tell someone that I'm a fashion Stylist/ Image Consultant, they always give me the proverbial once-over. It happens every time without fail. I think its an automatic reflex for people to make sure I look as stylish as my title suggests. If I look anything less than 'put together', I'm not exactly promoting my own fashion prowess. I consider myself to be an advertisement, so I pretty much have to look good 100% of the time when I'm out at functions or networking meetings, but without looking like I tried too hard. I hate to say it, but we are a shallow race, and will always judge a book by its cover... it's just the way we've been conditioned. So if you want that job, you need to make that initial impression with how you present yourself. Then you can dazzle the interviewer with your charm, wit and work ethic.

I like to have fun with my networking wardrobe... I'm not always conservative with my outfit choices (I love a good sheer top over a bra!) but I know what my best assets are and I make them the focus. Everything needs to fit well, flatter my shape and colouring, reflect my personality and make me memorable. I ALWAYS try to be memorable. 

I've pretty much lived in this blazer over the last 12 months. It's one of those pieces that goes with everything and can be dressed up or dressed down for almost any occasion. I would normally try to wear a much prettier pair of shoes with an outfit like this, but since it was raining torrentially this morning, substance won out over style... just this once.

Oh Harlow... you do make a wonderful tube skirt! I picked up this blue number from the June Salon Saturday and absolutely adore it! The fit is perfect and it has plenty of movement so I can sit down without the hem creeping up my thighs. A good pencil skirt can be a great piece for an interview, because there is something inherently professional about the look of its shape... especially if you have killer pins!

An important note on this outfit is on my wrist... yes, a watch! Anyone who knows me will know that I'm notoriously early for everything. I can't deal with being late... It's a bit of a compulsion I have. But really, it drives me bonkers when people run late. As far as job interviews go, punctuality is über important to make a good first impression. So for me, despite the fact that my phone has a clock,  the humble watch will always be a wardrobe staple. 

In this outfit:
Top: City Chic
Skirt: Harlow 
Blazer: Lula (via David Jones)
Tights: City Chic
Watch: Lovisa

Bonus Outfit!
The Designer Chicks were finalists in the Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence, in the Innovative Business category. We didn't win the prize, but it was great for a chance to get dolled up for an evening out.

When I say that I like to be memorable... I really mean it!

In this outfit:
Dress: Dream Diva
Shoes: Miss Shop (via Myer)
Faux Fur Stole: Target (circa 2004)
Pearls: Borrowed from Mum
Flower: Vintage


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Aussie Curves- Everyday Style

I really had to think about my Everyday Style outfit. I have so many different personal styles that I was finding it difficult to choose one that represented me and encompassed my sense of style. I decided to combine the five pieces that I've found myself wearing quite a lot recently, with my favourite hairstyle for this week's Aussie Curves outfit challenge.

I tried on this ah-mazing cardicoat by Harlow at the Curvy Couture Roadshow and instantly fell in love with it. The day it arrived in my mailbox, I was so thrilled! It is beautifully textured and well-fitted, the pleather sleeves are lined with a soft fuzz which makes them super warm, and it is the comfiest cardigan I own. I've found myself wearing it with casual and dressy outfits... it looks awesome belted in over a bodycon dress!

I absolutely live in my lace up ankle boots during winter. they are completely waterproof, and comfy enough to run around in without having them fly off my feet (yes it's happened before... it involved a puddle). The opaque tights are absolutely essential for my winter wardrobe. I usually have at least 3 pairs on rotation, as well as a few pairs of patterned tights for special outfits. My wardrobe mostly consists of skirts tops and dresses, so to keep my legs from completely freezing, the tights are pretty important.

This skirt is the one item of clothing that I've worn most this winter. I've found it really easy to wear with most of my tops. It fits perfectly and doesn't highlight any VBO, plus it has a cute, feminine touch with the A-line flare.

So, I cheated a bit with the top; it's actually a knee-length tunic that I usually wear with a black boyfriend blazer and a sash tied around the waist. It looks rather adorbs tucked in like this though. I've had it for over a year, and am amazed that it's somehow managed to stay white in the places it's meant to be! Go me! Ha ha.

In this outfit:
Cardicoat: Harlow
Top/Tunic: City Chic
Skirt: City Chic
Tights: City Chic
Earrings: Lovisa


Monday, August 11, 2014

Aussie Curves - Denim

I know I've pretty much dropped off the blogosphere over the past couple of months. My apologies. I promised myself to get off to a fresh start with the brand new list of Aussie Curves outfit challenges, and a brand new blog page that I'm trialling for a while (I'd love your feedback by the way!)

Denim week presented a bit of a dilemma for me... I'm currently house-sitting and am basically living out of a suitcase for the next two weeks. I don't have my denim jacket with me, and only have my black skinny jeans, which are pretty unexciting for an outfit post. So I've made an executive decision to post a few 'best of' photos of my favourite outfits involving denim.

That vest! It was so awesomely fun! This one piece of clothing is what inspired my interest in pin-up style. It's one of those styles that's really versatile... so much so that I pretty much wore it to death. Rest in peace little denim vest. 

I was feeling very brave when I posted this image for Aussie Curves- Vulnerable Side. It's now one of my favourite pics! Don't you love it when a risk pays off like that? These TDF Hourglass jeans from City Chic are my most worn pair of jeans because they fit perfectly and are über comfy. 

Those Zip Me skinny leg jeans from City Chic... they were bound to appear somewhere in this post. I think almost every plus sized girl who likes skinny jeans has owned a pair of these at some point. They were pretty awesome. This outfit was from my Aussie Curves Double Take post, which received some amazing feedback for the awesome cape I was featuring.

My fabulous little piece of Embody Denim... how I wish I'd brought you along in my suitcase. I would've used this jacket for my denim week post if I had it with me. It's my denim dream, and the first proper denim jacket I've ever owned. 

Sorry that I couldn't show you a fab new outfit this week... I promise to have an awesome new outfit post ready for next week's Everyday Style challenge!

Until next time!


Thursday, July 10, 2014

My Formal Dress Recycled

Do you remember your year 12 formal? What about your dress... Did you swear to yourself that you'd wear it again? Has it been hanging in your wardrobe for years without seeing the light of day? Mine sat in my wardrobe for 8 years; it no longer fitted my bustline... I was so sad to see the most beautiful dress I've ever owned going to such waste.

With only five of this dress ever produced in the stunning emerald green colour, this Veronica Lodge (no longer trading) dress was a cool $599 from Chadstone, Victoria. It was made of pure silk cut on a bias with long, asymmetrical strips of silk chiffon kissing the floor from beneath an empire bustline. Very unique and perfectly timeless. I hated seeing it lost in my wardrobe, and I was petrified of it being eaten by moths!

Marie-Claire is a 17-year-old from Melbourne who was set to graduate in November 2013. Her and her mother had been on the lookout for an emerald green formal dress, but with no yield. I took a longshot and suggested my old dress as an option. Marie-Claire is a petite size 8-10, but has some womanly curves which made dress fitting rather difficult, and while my dress was a standard 14, I figured some very minor alterations would have the dress fitting her like a glove. She loved the idea and her parents promptly bought the dress from me. I was so excited to see my gown given a second life!

It took one shopping expedition to accessorise the outfit with silver and rhinestone earrings, bracelet, ring and clutch bag to match the silver peep-toe shoes she already had. I was going for a bit of a Gatsby meets old Hollywood glamour style, opting for styles with an Art-Deco edge; earrings from Colette, bracelet from Equip, ring from Lovisa and clutch from Smik. It was classic, elegant, sophisticated but with a young edge... I didn't want her looking like a child playing dress-ups. Graduation is a time when a girl should feel more like a woman than a child, but I wanted both elements to shine through.

I flew to Melbourne on the day of the formal with a mood board full of images of Emma Watson. There was something about Marie-Claire's porcelain complexion and quiet elegance which reminded me of Emma Watson. It was the basis of the makeup look I had in mind for her; subtle neutral eyeshadow with gentle contouring through the cheekbones, topped with a rose hued lip stain. I have such lash-envy of Marie-Claire's eyelashes; they are jet black and lusciously full as though she had a layer of false lashes attached. 
With Mum, Sue

With Dad, Julian
After seeing a number of other girls at the formal, it was safe to say that Marie-Claire was amongst the best dressed. So many girls chose up-to-the-minute trend dresses with too-sexy splits and neon colours, or even just wearing a simple skater or peplum dress. Marie-Claire looked as though she'd stepped out of a 1920s/1930s film. She was a vision in green!

After a sprinkler system mishap which saw the stage completely flooded, Marie-Claire was privileged enough to graduate on the hallowed ground of Etihad Stadium! It was pretty awesome!

I was so pleased to see my beautiful dress given a second life on someone so remarkably graceful, stunning and grateful. Congratulations on your graduation Marie-Claire!


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bridal Lingerie... My First Published Editorial Shoot

Late one afternoon in February, I received a very welcome phone call from fellow blogger (and personal inspiration) Danimezza. She is the first Aussie to be a regular contributor to Plus Model Magazine, giving our local industry an international voice. The purpose of her phone call was to invite me to do the styling for an editorial photo shoot for PMM's Bridal issue. Dani had already sourced some fabulous lingerie pieces from Heavenly Curves and Triumph, but wanted to reach out for some extra help putting together the accessories and pulling the looks together so that she could focus her energy on the photography.

I have a huge stockpile of jewellery and other accessories for shoots, but I always like to have new pieces in my arsenal just in case. I set out on a pretty wild sourcing trip which you can read all about here (it's definitely worth a read!) On my list was shoes, earrings, an 'engagement' ring, hair accessories, chicken fillets, and supplies for my styling tool kit. My proverbial feathers were considerably ruffled by the end of that buying trip, but I found absolutely everything I needed. And more... I'm a chronic over-preparer.

Once we had locked down a date and a shooting location (Windsor Cottage), I contacted fellow Designer Chick, Melissa Kuti of Oak & Linden. Melissa is an Interior Designer and Stylist, with an added venture of Floral Design. Melissa created us a spectacular floral crown and bridal bouquet to match our vision. I arrived at her studio on the day of the shoot to a huge surprise: floral arrangements left over from a wedding the previous day! I was so chuffed when Melissa began pulling the arrangements out of her truck and packing them into a box for out shoot. They were beyond perfection! I then had to high-tail it from Randwick to Windsor within an hour to get to Dani's on time.

I love working with plus models... they have a certain vibrancy that is quite infectious. Blaise McCann was no exception! She is stunningly beautiful and professional, but has such an easygoing nature that I felt as though I was talking to an old friend. The combination of her natural beauty, my styling, Dani's amazing photography and Sally's beautiful hair and makeup, the shoot was a major success! We were all quite relaxed and were able to indulge our creativity. It was admittedly a very long day, but I left the shoot feeling elated and proud.

Our images were publish in the April 'Bridal' issue of Plus Model Magazine, making this shoot my very first published editorial shoot! Thank you Dani, Blaise, Sally, Melissa and the PMM team for such a fantastic opportunity!

MODEL: Blaise McCann 
HMUA: Sally Grieve 
PHOTOGRAPHER: Danielle Melnyczenco
FLORIST: Oak & Linden 
LOCATION: Windsor Cottage