Friday, November 14, 2014


I had to give my stepdad a lecture tonight.

I asked if he liked my outfit. His answer was 'Yeah... you've still got a long way to go though.'

This is the one thing that gets me riled up. Every compliment he pays on my appearance always comes with that proverbial slap in the face. He, like many other people, doesn't understand that being plus sized doesn't make me unhappy. It's one of those things where people assume that women are on a constant mission to have a 'bikini body'. That our happiness is solely dependent on the number on the scales... I have news for those people; it doesn't!

The funny thing is, I actually have a really good relationship with my body at the moment... the best I've ever had in fact! Yes, I'm a size 18, and have made some poor health choices in the past, but I'm working at having a healthier lifestyle. It has to be said though... I won't be devastated if I never fit into a size 10. That's not my goal. It hasn't been for a very long time.

I was never bullied by my peers for being overweight. I'm not sure how I dodged that particular strain of bullying at school, but it never happened. The ones who did bully me about my size however, were family members. My grandmother used to cut diets out of magazines and post them to my Mum to try one me. She also made a point of NEVER giving me chocolate at Easter... in fact, one year she made a point of buying me a packet of sugar free gum. I saw her this week... It was the first time she complimented my overall appearance (not just my 'pretty' face). She also offered me a Tim Tam. I almost fell on the floor.

It has taken me 26 years to get to this point, but right now, I feel beautiful. Some might agree that I look it, others may disagree. I'm not ignorant of my health, and am making an effort to make good decisions... but I hate to think that people assume that because I'm fat, I must be unhappy. That would be total bullshit! My self worth isn't dependent on my dress size.

You can quote me on that.


Monday, November 10, 2014

Aussie Curves - Races

Well... wasn't that an eventful Melbourne Cup? Did you back a winner? I've stopped placing bets on 'the race that stops the nation'... mostly because I always pick the horse who is leading the race until the final few hundred metres where it will place somewhere in the rear.

In this outfit: 
Dress: Leona+ by Leona Edmiston (Size 16)
Fascinator: Home made
Shoes: Big W
Clutch: Vintage
Earrings: Lovisa

This year was a bit left-of-centre for me and eight of my fellow Designer Chicks. After I blogged about last year's Melbourne Cup lunch at WatervieW Bicentennial Park, Marketing Manager, Kathryn, contacted me asking for my professional opinion of the Myer fashion showcase from the event. I gave the feedback that the young & lithe models weren't exactly resonating with the more mature audience, who might appreciate seeing women of their own age and size, modelling clothing that would suit them.

As it turns out, they took my feedback very seriously, and invited the Designer Chicks to be 'models' for the day this year. It was a great idea, since it meant that there would be women of a broad age and size range to showcase fashions that the women in the audience could relate to. After all... the whole point of the fashion show was to encourage sales for Myer (and get a few Designer Chicks' faces out there in the process).

We rocked up in our own race day dresses... all glamourous and ready to be fabulous, before changing into our outfits for the fashion show. The show pretty much consisted of us walking through the audience, stopping for a pose on the stage, and then standing on individual platforms at various points within the room. We were stopped by various audience members who wanted details of our outfits... which tells me that the Designer Chicks' models were a resounding success! Yay!

We had a blast! We may be back again next year... but that's just between you and me. Shhhhh ;)


Monday, November 3, 2014

Aussie Curves - Skirt

I've had my skirt week outfit planned for weeks. I pretty much live in skirts and dresses most of the time, but I've only recently started to expand my collection of skirts beyond the black pencil style. That's where this baby comes in! Put me in pretty pastels and polka dots and I'm a happy girl

It was a risky Asos buy for me: the Curve Scuba Midi Skirt. I was worried about the colour, the shape, the length, the fit (all unfounded of course). I just had to have it! I've tried midi skirts in the past and have usually been disappointed (they make me look short, stumpy and wide) so I was pleasantly surprised that this one looked so good.

I see you there, eyeing off those polka dots. I've never bought a single item from Sara until this top... mostly because their collections are out of proportion with my figure. This top is still a touch snug around my hips, but is beautifully billowy throughout the bust and waist. And so it was added to my growing collection of T-shirts...

I love a good blazer. I love pink. It just makes sense that I would love this blazer! It's soft and comfy and can instantly dress up jeans and a Tee. The sleeves are VERY big, so when I wear it properly, I have to roll them up quite a fair way... Just makes it look like a proper boyfriend blazer.

In this outfit:
Skirt: Asos Curve (size 20)
Top: Sara -via David Jones (size 2x)
Blazer: Boohoo (Size 22)
Shoes: Zu
Belt: City Chic (size S-M)
Hat: Target
Earrings: Lovisa


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Aussie Curves - Then & Now

Just a short post for Then & Now week. 

Every year since I was one year old, my Dad has a tradition of taking a photo of me in front of the Christmas Tree. He recently gave me a flash drive full of photos, which included the Christmas shots. I had a great time rummaging through, and made up a collage to share with you.

It's pretty amazing how many times my looks changed... as did my confidence in front of the camera! There were certainly some shocking haircuts (thanks for the mega short bob when I was 10 years old, Mum!) some great party dresses and some 'what was I thinking?' moments. Ah, memories.

Here we go... 1989-2013. Which one is your favourite? 1989 & 2011 are mine.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hope & Harvest - Nauticas SS15

*This post contains items gifted by the designer.

I've been sitting on my special pieces of Hope & Harvest fabulousness for a couple of weeks, positively dying to show everyone!

I'm absolutely in love with the SS15 Nauticas collection and think it's H&H's best yet! I jumped around like a silly person when I first unwrapped these lovelies, but because I've been house-sitting for a month, I haven't had time to grab my camera and take some photos. So here they are!
Jacket: City Chic (Size S)
Shoes: Vintage
Bag: Vintage

The Anchor Tee ($44.95) is the perfect signature piece for H&H. It's fantastic branding, and I adore the 'engineering for curves' slogan. I've had a bit of a tendency to shun T-shirts in my wardrobe, but am now re-incorporating them into my regular rotation. This style is particularly fab for curvy girls because it's longer than most tees on offer and has a decent sleeve length. The neckline is also deep enough not to choke you. I wanted to show how I could dress it up with the H&H Y.O.L.O Skirt ($39) and a white jacket for a dressed-up look, as well as a casual and relaxed look
Skirt: City Chic (Size M)
Vest: Boohoo (UK Size 20)
Shoes: Zu (Circa 2010)
Bag: Vintage

I've already been living in both colours of the Anchor Tee this spring. They're 100% cotton so they're ideal for the hot weather. So, not only do they look cool, but they feel it too! I'm wearing the Large, but could comfortably size down to a Medium if I wanted a slimmer line.

Skirt: City Chic
Shoes: Alannah Hill (Circa 2013)
Bag: Thrifted

This top is my Holy Grail. End of story.

The Wrap Top in French Navy ($79) promised to be my best friend... and boy did it deliver!!! The fabric is luscious, silky and lightweight and the long sleeves can be gently pushed back to the elbow (I'm a serial sleeve-pusher) In this top I have no back fat bulges, no under-bust rolls... nothing! I'm wearing the Large, and could easily fit into the Medium if the upper sleeves were just a touch bigger. 

Did I mention it can be worn as a cardigan too??? Talk about versatile! All you need to do is leave it undone, and it transforms into a lightweight waterfall cardi, perfect for warm spring evenings. I effing love this top! From what I hear, they're selling fast, so if it's on your list you'd better get in quickly.

Don't forget, by buying Hope & Harvest, you are supporting our local industry instead of offshore workshops with questionable conditions and wages. If we don't help our Aussie brands, they will cease to exist.


Friday, October 10, 2014

Spring 2014 Launches for Aussie Plus Size Labels

They are the 'Holy Trinity' of Australian plus size fashion: Harlow, Hope & Harvest and 17 Sundays. Over the past couple of weeks they've kicked off their Spring 2014 collections with a bang! I thought I'd share a couple of my favourite pieces from the collections (no doubt a few will feature in my outfit posts soon!)

Harvest gave me an exclusive sneaky peek of the 'Nauticas' collection a couple of days before it was set to drop. I received the photos while I was on my way to a camping trip in rural NSW with Mum. We sat at Goulburn Maccas 'oohing' and 'aching' over the amazing, nautical-inspired pieces. The colour palette circles around navy blue, black & white, with hints of mauve, powder blue and bubblegum pink, with fabulous shapes designed to suit the most curvaceous of ladies. Seriously... I think I drooled a little bit.

special snaps for the new model... she is so beautiful and wears the clothes perfectly.

Hope & Harvest Wrap Top

I'm not usually excited by a wrap style... but the Nauticas Wrap Top ($79) caught my attention straight away! The shape is absolutely stunning and the colours are fab. The bird print is already sold out (that was damn quick!) but there's still plenty of the French Navy and Blush Pink. 

Styling tip: this can also be worn as a lightweight cardi for summer evenings. 

Hope & Harvest Anchor T-Shirt & Mariner Shirt

Who doesn't love a great T-shirt? I'm adoring the anchor design with the 'Engineering for Curves' slogan... it's the sort of brand advertising that I'd be more than happy to wear. The Anchor T-Shirt ($44.95) comes in either black or white. I have to tell you... it's not a short tee! I hate it when tees are just that little bit too short and ride up over my belly... it's not cool. Major win there H&H!!!

The Mariner Shirt ($89) is another fabulous piece. I love that it has the drawstring waist to give shape where other shirts fail... it's a great, young adaptation of a classic. Available in Pink, White or French Navy.

Harlow's SS14 Lookbook launched last night, and I was squealing with excitement! With the amazing Crave T-Dress ($249) on the cover, how could I not? i am in absolute raptures over this fabric... it's beyond amazing! The SS14 collection has three capsule collections: Sports Luxe, Rock Chick and Boho, so there's something for everyone. The collection is mostly monochromatic, but would look amazing with some colourful accessories.

Harlow's Love Me or Leave Me Shift Dress & Summer Love Maxi Dress

Most people know I'm a sucker for Royal Blue, so the Love Me or Leave Me Shift Dress ($189) was always going to be a winner. It's a slightly more versatile shape that the previous Lipstick & Leather Bodycon Dress. Plus... leather. Need I say more?

The Summer Love Maxi Dress ($189) is probably not one I would personally wear, but I had to include it 'cos it's just so darn cute! A lot, and i mean A LOT of women will love this dress because it's a fabulous shape, has sleeves and sits below the knee... I think I might pester Mum into buying one. It would look totally fab on her!

Harlow's Jean Genie Skinny Jeans & Sweet Freedom Fringed Kimono

I've been holding on to the secret for months that Harlow were going to venture into jeans... and here they are; the Jean Genie Skinny Jeans ($199) in all their skinny perfection! A solid indigo wash with no distressing, and a great skinny leg... I've been dreaming of these babies!!!

The Sweet Freedom Fringed Kimono ($199) caught my attention big time. Sheer + Fringe = Nirvana for Elise. I've seen plenty of similar things, but they always have oriental floral patterns that I'm just not cool with, but I love the subtle spot on this one. I could see this being a summer wardrobe favourite, especially over swimmers.

Harlow's SS14 collection will be released over the course of the next few months... so be patient with those wish lists!

17 Sundays seem to be conquering the world right now, with their Spring/Summer 2014 collection stocked in selected Myer stores across Australia. It's accessible, high quality and fun fashion, filling a casual niche in the plus size fashion market.

I don't know about you, but I love an easy-wear dress. The Dissolve Me Print Dress ($149.95) is no exception. Teamed with a pair of sandals by day, and fun accessories by night, this in one dress that would have all bases covered. It shows cleavage (which is awesome) and is shaped beautifully under the bust to show off those curves.

The After the Disco Shirt Dress ($149.95) was a major hit at the Curvy Couture Roadshow in March, so I'm sure plenty of women will be excited to see it finally available for sale. Just look at that vibrant colour! And the laser cutting! Seriously... I might just go to fashion Heaven right now.

I keep seeing the Like Clockwork Frill Sleeved Dress ($149.95) and thinking' I really must try that one.  I really love the silhouette, the fabric, the pattern, the sleeves... you get the picture. I think it would look amazing under my longline blazers too!

A few people would say that I like the Paris is Calling Dress ($149.95) purely for it's name... I might not argue. I do love the upper half of this dress; the combination of the colour blocking and the batwing sleeves is so simple but has an amazing impact!

Yes, I know all the 17 Sunday's pieces I've chosen are dresses, but that's just a reflection on my own wardrobe... I love dresses and will probably always prefer them to pants and shorts. It's just me!

Now what are you still doing here? Get shopping!!!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Iceni Coat by Bombshell Vintage

The Iceni Coat from Bombshell Vintage was a purchase of pure lust. I saw it on the runway at the Curvy Couture Roadshow and wanted it in my wardrobe ASAP! I've always wanted a houndstooth coat, and this one ticked all the boxes.

I was a bit devastated back in June when designer, Kate, told me that they were sold out. She had the sample in her studio, but alas, it was too small. I had to accept that it wasn't meant to be. Until a message popped up on Facebook saying that she'd found enough houndstooth fabric to make one last Iceni Coat... of course I fell all over myself to get that coat!

I have styled the coat in a slightly different way than it was intended, and turned it into a wrap dress (sorry Kate!) I found this styling to really draw in my waist an lengthen my torso, while wearing it as a coat over-emphasised my hips. But it is absolute dynamite as a dress!!! It also has a great 1960's vibe that I'm going to utilise for an editorial photo shoot I have coming up. 

Nearly forgot to mention... pockets!!! Seriously, there is nothing better than a coat (or dress) with a good pair of pockets right? This one has them! Yay!

Bombshell Vintage had this piece made for me in a size 20 to allow extra room to move (it is a coat after all!) I found the fit across the back and bust to be a little smaller than I'd like from a coat, but there is heaps of room in the waist and hips. It's perfectly comfortable.

My Measurements: Hip - 129cm/51", Waist - 98cm/38", Bust - 119cm/47", Height - 167cm/5'4"

Corresponding size on Bombshell Vintage's size chart: 18-20

Actual size in the Iceni Coat: 20

Click here to see Bombshell Vintage's Spring/Summer 2014, Fairy Floss Fallout