Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lust List- The Curvy Couture Roadshow 2015

I have one huge problem with the plus size fashion industry becoming increasingly stylish... I want it all!

Day 2 of the Curvy Couture Roadshow was a market day at Collingwood Town Hall; an opportunity to try on samples and place orders for the outfits on the catwalk. It was also a great opportunity to talk to the designers and get a feel for what their labels are really about. I spent a couple of hours thumbing through racks of gorgeous clothes, and have put together a list of my favourite pieces from the AW2015 collections.

Hope & Harvest
AKA the label that is destined to send me broke. Seriously, every look that appeared on the runway created an involuntary response... a gasp, cheer, yelp, squeal, whatever. The collection is named 'Engineering for Curves', and was all about a fun twist on military styles. I'm not a fan of military style clothing... I also hate khaki... I had to have some of these pieces! H&H's creativity had me questioning my own tastes... I love that!

Harvest has been talking about the anorak for almost a year now; she told me it was her favourite design yet. I'm naming it as the must-have piece of the season! 

I've been keeping an eye on this Newtown-based label since last year's CCR, and I have to say they have evolved into a spectacular label! Last year was all about beautiful floaty kaftans and plenty of silk. This year was like 'BAM!' Hello rock star chic! I was drooling over the cream and white pieces with plenty of leather and luxe. Talking to Meri at the market, she informed me that the cape I was drooling over was made from 100% cashmere and leather, and is made locally in Newtown. Usually that would signal a majorly huge price tag ($1,000 perhaps?), but Eder + Berk are selling it for a mere $320. I'm saving my pennies.

As far as vintage reproductions go, Bombshell Vintage can do no wrong! I may or may not have squealed quite audibly over various designs on the catwalk.


I'd never heard of Lisa Kerr Designs until I saw the designer line-up for CCR, but an impression was left!!! The collection was chic, elegant, fun and quirky all at once, and everything was so wearable!

Misty Belvedere seems to have matured in the last 12 months, introducing styles which push boundaries and have women lining up to hand over their money. I love the bold colours and fun patterns!

Always a classic, Harlow reinvented Melbournian streetwear with moody black, grey and oxblood with punches of leather and gold. Their jeans are killer and I'm adoring the leather sleeved tops! Special mentions must also be made for the cleverly styled belt/harness idea.


What can I say??? Bang Bang!


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Curvy Couture Runway 2015

My outfit: Dress- Boohoo plus (size 20), Jacket- City Chic (Size S), Shoes- Airflex, Earrings- Lovisa, Clutch- Vintage.

Showtime!!! All dressed up and looking fabulous, the main entry to the Australian Centre for the Moving Image began to bustle with the best dressed curves in town!

I'm not going to talk too much... the images below can speak for themselves. I've picked my two favourite images from each collection.

The Labels:

Which is your favourite? I'll tell you mine in my next post... Stay tuned!


The Dream Denim Guide for Women, Men & Kids

* This is not a sponsored post. I am posting this article to amend the original copy from which the image credits were omitted by the editor.

It’s now autumn, and we’ve already had a preview of the cold transeasonal weather we can look forward to. Stores are bringing in their ranges of jeans faster than you can swipe your credit card, making now the time to start searching for the ‘Holy Grail’; The perfect pair of jeans!

Why you need a great pair of jeans

Firstly, they go with everything! There is a pair of jeans out there that is perfect for you, no matter what your dress size, body shape, height, colouring or personal style may be, the perfect jean will make you feel taller, lift your butt, and make you feel fabulous. Perfection… the tricky part is finding it.

I’ve compiled the main categories of jeans for women and men, along with a few fun pieces of denim clothing and accessories for women, men and kids.

Women’s Denim

If you’re anything like me, a shopping expedition involving denim can be tricky. It’s never easy to pull on (and do up) a brand new pair of jeans. Denim is essentially a rigid fabric, and jeans are designed to relax their fibres and mould to your body as you wear them. So until you’ve worn them a few times, they’re unlikely to be even close to comfortable. Below are six shapes of denim jeans, which will help you work out the perfect cut for your body.

Santiago Jean
Size 6-14

The skinny jean is the most popular style of jean on the market. A good pair of skinnies will be fitted firmly to your body from the hips to the ankle, and will usually be made from denim with at least 5% Elastene for comfort.

Pros: Stylish. Can be easily tucked in to boots. Elongates legs

Cons: Can be uncomfortable. Nowhere to ‘hide’

Styling tips: Avoid sandblasted or pale dye styles if you have bigger thighs. Shredded/ripped denim is hugely popular for skinny jeans.

Fever Denim Jeans
Embody Denim
Size 12-26

Bootcut jeans are the consummate classic. They are designed to fit firmly through the thigh, and gently taper outwards towards the ankle to create a very slight flare. A pair of black or indigo bootcut jeans should be a wardrobe staple for any woman over 25, because they will suit most body shapes.

Pros: Classic; these will never go out of style. Tapered hems balance out broader hips.

Cons: Finding the perfect length can be tricky; too long and they’ll drag, too short and they’ll look shrunken.

Styling Tips: Stick to plain dyes without whiskering, shredding or sandblasting to keep the look classic. Make sure the hem reaches almost to the base of the heel. Bootcut jeans look spectacular with heels.


Bella Denim Jeans
Embody Denim
Size 8-24

Reminiscent of the 1970s, the flare jean is an exaggerated version of the bootcut, with a heavy taper from the knee to the ankle. Nowadays, flared jeans often come with a high waistline, and are not for the faint hearted. They can be a bit harder to come by in stores because they tend to be a bit tricky to wear.

Pros: Über stylish with a retro flavour. Great for balancing larger hips.

Cons: Those with shorter legs need not apply… these are for the taller girls.

Styling Tips: Keep the rest of your outfit simple… these jeans need to be the star. Opt for denim with a mid-light vintage wash. If you’re shorter and are dying to wear flares, be prepared to wear some sky-high heels.

The Boyfriend Jean
Cotton On
Size 6-14

The boyfriend jean is exactly what the name suggests- they look like you’ve borrowed your boyfriend’s jeans. They’re usually made from rigid/non-stretch denim in lighter washes, often with some distressing or shredding detail.  The waistband should sit comfortably just below your navel, with the legs hanging straight, loosely skimming your thighs, knees and calves.

Pros: Super comfy and deconstructed.

Cons: Not suited to women with larger thighs as they can pucker around the groin area.

Styling Tips: Turn up the hem a few times to create a cuff. Wear either with heels or sneakers for a luxe sporty look.

Clear Skies Chambray
Slouch Pant
17 Sundays
Size 14-26

Another addition to the ‘sports luxe’ family is the denim jogger. These are quite a recent trend where traditional trackies (the ones with elasticised waists and ankles) are being produced in denim and chambray fabrics. Some are more fitted through the leg than others, but they all share a ‘slouchy’ quality that can be chic when worn correctly.

Pros: The most comfy jean you’ll ever wear. Elasticised waist = no fly!

Cons: Can accentuate larger thighs.

Styling Tips: Wear with sneakers for a relaxed look, and dress up with chic heels for a night on the town.

Frankie Racer
Cotton On
Size 6-14
Gracie Backpack
Colette by Colette Hayman
Clothing & Accessories

The Frayed Mini Short
Cotton On
Size 6-14
Between the ranges of denim skirts, shorts, dresses and shirts, you can be dressed head-to-toe in denim… that is, if you want to look like Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake circa 2001. But all jokes aside, there are some gorgeous pieces available. I particularly love 17SundaysYours Forever bomber as a great casual jacket, and Colette by Colette Hayman’s Gracie backpack for a fun denim accessory.

Styling Tips: Stick to wearing one item of denim at a time, unless you’re a pro at double denim.

Men’s Denim
For most men, jeans are central to their wardrobes. There are still a large number of men wearing their ‘old faithfuls’ that are saggy in the back, super baggy in the leg and have a few (ahem) ‘arty’ holes. Let’s revisit shall we? There are four main styles of jeans for men.

The Super Skinny
Cotton On
Size 28-38

Much like women’s skinny jeans, fitted firmly to your body from the hips to the ankle, and will usually be made from denim with at least 5% Elastene for comfort. Not many men are brave enough to wear skinnies because of their tightness, but they can be fun and stylish on those who dare.

Pros: Stylish. Great to show off slim/toned legs

Cons: Tight, especially around the groin area. Nowhere to ‘hide’

Styling Tips: Keep it masculine by choosing styles with distressing, sandblasting or shredding.

Hatch Jean
Tarocash/ Johnny Bigg
Was $99.95 Now $39.95
Size 28-52

Slim/Straight jeans are the ideal jean for most men who can’t quite bring themselves to wear skinny jeans. They will be quite fitted through the hips, then the legs will be cut completely straight, or taper in slightly towards the ankle.

Pros: Classic style that will never go out of fashion. Great for men with a small backside. Elongates the legs.

Cons: May be a little too tight around the hip and groin.

Styling Tips: Buy these in any wash you like! You can pretty much build your entire wardrobe around this cut of jean. You may need to have the length altered before wearing them… the hem should finish near your mid heel.


The Spitfire Jean
Cotton On
Size 28-38

A Relaxed fit jean is the most popular style because of the comfort they provide. They are the quintessential ‘blokey’ jean, made for the working man. The relaxed jean has a looser fit than the slim/straight styles, most noticeably through the hips and thighs.

Pros: Comfortable!

Cons: Not ideal for men with shorter legs... they will make them appear even shorter.

Styling Tips: You can have a bit of fun with the sandblasting of these jeans, but nothing will beat a classic light blue wash. Never wear these with sneakers, unless you want to look like a 90’s rapper.

Slim Denim Jogger
Cotton On
Size 28-38

Similar to the women’s denim jogger, these are a denim variation of the elasticized tracksuit pant. The difference with the men’s version is that the leg has a much slimmer line, with a baggier crotch and a fly instead of a drawstring.

Pros: The most comfy jean you’ll ever wear.

Cons: Not ideal for men with shorter legs.

Styling Tips: These are strictly for casual wear only. Team denim joggers with sneakers… no socks!

Chase Print Shirt
Shorts & Shirts

Slouch Denim Short
Cotton On
Size 28-38
Chambray shirts are great to wear with chinos or other non-denim trousers for a cool, casual and stylish look. Try wearing it open with a white or grey t-shirt underneath.

The denim short has changed quite dramatically over the years, and has become much more slimline. I personally love Cotton On’s Low Profile Denim Shorts for their classic, tailored look.

Kids’ Denim
Lets face it, we’ve all been jealous of the awesome clothing options available for kids at one point or another! I’m wild with envy over the adorable denim styles I’ve been seeing!

Just like their Daddies, little blokes can work a mean skinny jean like Cotton On KIDS’ D Marco Jean. Team with a cool t-shirt and a denim cap… so cool!

From left: Billy Cap $9.95, D Marco Jean $34.95 size 1-8, Cooper Shirt $24.95 size 1-8, Sam Short $29.95 size 1-8
all from Cotton On KIDS


With denim skirts, fancy denim jackets and wonderful skinny jeans, girls have never had more stylish options to wear! Lets face it, Cotton On KIDSGreta Jean is the stuff dreams are made of!

From left: Mindy Power Stretch Jean $34.95 size 1-5, Belle Bomber $44.95 size 1-8, Lettie Skirt $24.95 size 1-8, Greta Denim Jean $44.95 size 1-5
all from Cotton on KIDS