Saturday, May 21, 2011

NYC Label Review: Monif C

Before my travels to New York City, I researched places I needed to see and stores I needed to visit. Monif C. Plus Sizes always topped the Google search. I made it a top priority to get myself there to try their famous Marilyn Convertible Dress; a circle skirt with 9ft long straps which can be wrapped in many different ways to create different looks, and can fit a size 8-24. It retails at USD$195; which is a small amount considering how many different looks you get from the one dress.

I did indeed try it on. I fell in love with it. I bought it!

I've had a bit of fun tying the straps in different ways...

Yes... It can even be made into a top!

Another range I was dying to try at Monif C. was their swimwear. Fitted with invisible panelling to hold in the tummy, I was curious to see if these swimsuits were true to their reputation.

It has to be said, I haven't been swimming in about 5 years; mostly because I HATE swimsuits with a passion. They show up every lump, bump, dimple, mark, vein... just ew. NEVER have I stood in front of a mirror, in a swimsuit, and thought 'damn! I look hot!'. Until this little piece of fabulousness came into my sights...

In the Catalina Draped Swimsuit, I felt positively yummy! I think that it is worth every cent of the USD$148 to feel this good in a swimsuit!

Monif C. sell online at, and they ship internationally. Try them out... you won't regret it!


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  1. I am DYING for the coral ruched convertible dress they have available, gotta save for it first though!
    Looks great, and the swimmers really suit you! x

  2. You look amazing & I am so in love with that dress!!

  3. What size did you buy in the Swimsuit if you don't mind me asking??

  4. Courtenay... Do it! There aren't a lot left... I tried the Ruched dress too, but just loved the classic style more for me.

    Natalie... Thank you Hun. I felt a little bit special shooting these pics.

    Sadie... I bought a size 16 in the swimsuit, though I probably could've fitted into the 14. The store only had a sample size 18 to try on, so I had todo a bit of guesswork. But the 16 is very comfortable.

  5. Thanks hon.. You look Great in the dress and the Swimsuit!!! I'm going to buy that next~ I just bought the Ruched Dress in Coral! I will send you a pic so you can tell me how it looks** Kisses...

  6. Oh that IS COOL!!! Ive seen it somewhere and didnt think to much of it....but yeah it looks GREAT every way you wear it!!

    I really wanna check out the opshops over there....did you manage to visit any? How long did you visit NY?


  7. omi gosh love this monif! I am a new yorker and I must say the swim suits are wonderful i have the two piece. great picks from your adventures!